Sometimes more than others, things in life seem to carry to much weight. We are faced with life decisions, more important than the ones we face on a daily basis. Decisions about college, career, and family that could be the key decision that shapes the rest of our lives. It is hard to know if the move to a new job is the change we need to highlight our leadership abilities, or if our move will allow others to get the promotion that would be ours, if we would only stay. Big decisions can define who we are and how people will view and respect us.

How often do we stop to ponder the decision of our faith? Have we relentlessly procrastinated in making a life choice and kicked the can down the road? Fearing that a final decision here can lock us into a label that will define who we are and pronounce once and for all, a boxed in set of rules to govern our lives. Our johari window is open for the world to see and must be filled with our choice, not relegated to be determined by a prefixed paradigm provided by the history of a choice. Our resolute pride abdicates this view, for we are seekers of free will and absolute choice. Yet, in our hearts we know, there can be only one choice. Simple really, we believe in a creator or resign it all to chance. Yet, what about our decision to always speak the truth to ourselves. We have resolved that to lie to ourselves is the biggest lie of all. What does it matter what other people think? The most important factor here is to find the truth of me. Yes, we pause to think that there can be only one truth that stands bright amongst the minutia of information bombarding our decision. We instinctively know that there is only one way that will lead us to the creator whom made us in His image. Some decisions do weight heavier than others and certainly this one is the most important. We could refute His existence, claim agnosticism or atheism. After all, this does make us look like part of the intelligentsia and surmounts wonderful conversation topics, but can we speak what may be the ultimate human demise? To proclaim that our existence is only by chance and conclude that this thought is lost without ever reaching His ears.

Yes, believe now that somethings are worth our thought and consideration. Decisions that are important and weigh the most when we consider eternity and are faced with her great insurmountable levity.